MATH3333 - Section 2

Linear Algebra I (Spring 2016)

Instructor: Dr Robert Tang

MWF 1:30 pm - 2:20 pm in PHSC 323
Office hours: Wed 2:30 - 3:20 in PHSC 1024

The information sheet is available here. You can download a weekly outline of topics here (though this may vary slightly as the term goes on).


We will be using "Linear Algebra" by Jim Hefferon as our main textbook (25 Dec 2014 version). You can download a free pdf copy of the book here. Worked solutions to the exercises are also available.

Other textbooks freely available online you may find useful can be found here (Cherney, Denton, Waldron) and here (Breezer).

Problem Sessions

Some classes will be designated problem sessions, where we will go through assigned sections from Hefferon's book. You should either bring a printout of the pages containing the relevant exercises, or a laptop/tablet/other electronic device with access to the pdf.

Homework and practice problems

Weekly homeworks are to be submitted in the box outside my office by 12 noon on Fridays - the grader will collect them shortly after then. Please include your full name, student number, homework number and the course and section number. Remember to staple your homework if using more than one sheet of paper.

In order to get a good grade on your homework, you must show correct working and reasoning. Conversely, if you arrive at the correct answer with little indication of working, you will receive very few points. Please put in an effort to ensure that your homework is presentable and can be easily read.

In addition to the set homework questions, you should do practice problems from the revelant sections of the textbook. I recommend you attempt the questions marked with a tick as a minimum.


There will be three midterm exams, to be held during class. Each exam will be 50 minutes long. You may not use notes or books during the exam. Non-programmable calculators are permitted (i.e. no graphing calculators allowed).