Math 2423: Calculus II (Discussion Section), Spring 2015

Time: Thursdays
Section 13: 12:00p - 12:50p
Section 14: 1:30p - 2:20p
Section 13: PHSC 122
Section 14: PHSC 115

Important Dates

Exam 1: February 13th
Exam 2: March 13th
Exam 3: April 24th
Final Exam: May 6th, 1:30p - 3:30p

Academic Calendar

Course Information

Textbook: Calculus 7E by James Stewart
Homework: Dr. Petrov's Page

Course Documents

January 15th: Sigma Notation
Area of the Circle: Solution

January 22nd: Introduction to Integrals
Comparison Problem: Solution

January 29th: Integrals
Sine Integral Function: Solution

Homework 1: Solutions

February 5th: Substitution Rule
Velocity Problem: Solution to be posted.

Homework 2: Solutions

February 12th: Review for Test 1
Cylinder Problem and Limit Problem: Solution to be posted

Homework 3: Solutions

February 19th: Applications of Integration

February 26th: Exponents and Logarithms

Homework 4: Solutions

March 5th: Inverse and Hyperbolic Trig Functions

Homework 5: Solutions

March 12th: L'Hospital's Rule

March 26th: Integration by Parts

April 2nd: Trig Substitution

April 9th: More Trig Substitution

April 16th: Approximate Integration

April 23rd: Review for Test 3


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