Math 1419: Calculus I (Discussion Section), Spring 2014

Time: Thursdays, 9:00p - 9:50p
Location: 212 Physical Sciences Center

Important Dates

Final Exam: May 6th, 8:00a - 10:00a
Exam Locations: 108 Physical Sciences Center

Academic Calendar

Course Information

Textbook: Calculus 7E by James Stewart
Homework: Dr. Brady's Page

Course Documents

January 23rd Guided Notes (Transformations and Trig Functions)
January 30th Guided Notes (Limits)
February 5th Guided Notes (Limit Definition)
February 13th Guided Notes (Continuity and Intermediate Value Theorem)
February 20th Guided Notes (Derivative Rules)
February 27th Guided Notes (Chain Rule and Implicit Differentiation)
March 6th Guided Notes (Implicit Differentiation and In Class Project)
March 13th Guided Notes (Related Rates)
March 27th Guided Notes (Max and Min Problems)
April 3rd Guided Notes (Sketching a Curve)
April 10th Guided Notes (Optimization)
April 16th Guided Notes (Definite Integrals)
April 24th Guided Notes (U-Substitution)


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