Number Theory Homework

Homework guidelines: Each assignment is to be stapled in the upper left and appropriately titled with the assignment number and your name appearing on the upper right hand corner of the first page. Solutions should appear in the order the questions are listed on the homework, with bonus questions at the end. If for some reason you put them out of order, please make appropriate notes to redirect the grader. The assignment is to be written legibly and in complete sentences. You will be graded not only on your final answer, but also on your explanation and justification of it. Your arguments should be clear and logically correct. Justify each step. Cite theorems and results when it is not obvious what you are using. You may use my solutions to examples in class as a guide. The general principle is: you want to convince the grader you completely understand how to solve it; present your solution as if you were teaching a classmate who didn't know how to solve the problem.
Please also be sure to read the homework policies on the Course Guidelines page.

Assignment Topics Due
Homework 1 Section 1.1-1.5 Wed Sep 2
Homework 2 Section 1.7-1.8, Chapter 2 Fri Sep 11
Homework 3 Sections 3.1-3.3 Wed Sep 16
Homework 4 Sections 3.3-3.6 Wed Sep 23
Homework 5 Sections 3.7-3.8 never
Homework 6 Chapter 5, 6.1-6.2 Wed Oct 14
Homework 7 Sections 6.2-6.4 Wed Oct 21
Homework 8 Sections 6.5-6.7 Wed Oct 28
Homework 9 Chapters 7-8 Wed Nov 4
Homework 10 Chapter 9 Wed Nov 11
Homework 11 Sections 9.8, 10.1-10.3 Wed Nov 18
Homework 12 Sections 10.4, 11.1-11.3 Wed Dec 2
Homework 13 Sections 11.4-11.6, Chapter 12 Wed Dec 9

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