introduction to number theory

MATH 4803/5803 (Fall 2009)


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    I plan to maintain these notes, and eventually revise them, so please let me know of any errors, or comments or suggestions you have.

    What is number theory? (Day 1 introduction)
    Chapter 1 notes (Natural numbers and integers)
    Chapter 2 notes (The Euclidean algorithm)
    Chapter 3 notes (Congruence arithmetic)
    Chapter 5 notes (Pell's equation)
    Chapter 6 notes (Gaussian integers)
    Chapter 7-8 notes (Quadratic integers, The four square theorem)
    Chapter 9 notes (Quadratic Reciprocity)
    Chapter 10 notes (Rings)
    Chapter 11 notes (Ideals)
    Chapter 12 notes (Prime Ideals)

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