3:30Seminar talk by Kimball Martin: The basis problem (PHSC 1105)
5:00TORA registration (Price 2065)
6:00Prep session for graduate students (Adams 255)
9:00Dermot McCarthy: Modular forms and cellular integrals
9:30Gautam Gopal Krishnan: Discrete series representations
10:00Matt Krauel: Differential operators of Jacobi forms in the theory of vertex operator algebras
11:00Cris Poor: Paramodularity
2:30Daniel Reiss: Towards an Euler product for Siegel paramodular forms
3:00Catherine Hsu: Higher Eisenstein congruences
4:30Speed TORA
9:00Jonathan Cohen: Transfer of representations and orbital integrals for inner forms of GL(n)
9:30Muthukrishnan Krishnamurthy: Linear independence of automorphic L-functions and converse theorems
11:00Naomi Tanabe: Signs of Fourier coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms
11:30Yeongseong Jo: The local exterior square L-Function for GL(n)
12:00Kwangho Choiy: Non-discrete tempered spectra for some simply-connected p-adic groups