Scott Van Thuong
Department of Mathematics, University of Oklahoma

I am a PhD candidate in my fifth year at the OU Math Department and will graduate in May 2014. 
My thesis adviser is Prof. Kyung Bai Lee. 

Here is my CV.
See our graduate student topology and geometry seminar.
Contact Information:
Address:Department of Mathematics
        University of Oklahoma
        Norman, OK 73019
Office: 914 PHSC
Phone:  Message 405-325-6711     
email:  sthuong at

Office Hours (Held In The Math Help Center, PHSC 209):

T 1:30   PM - 3:00  PM
R 1:30   PM - 3:00  PM
F 11:30  AM - 12:30 PM
In addition, please feel free to make an appointment.

Currently Teaching:
Spring 2014: Math 1743-005   Calculus I for Business, Life, and Social Sciences        MWF 8:30AM-9:20AM   PHSC 222

Research Interests: Topology and Geometry

Transformation groups, especially generalized Seifert fiberings, crystallographic groups, and infra-solvmanifolds
Differential geometry of Lie groups
Research Statement


Previous Teaching:

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