number theory ii

MATH 6393 (Spring 2010)


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Course Notes
I plan to maintain these notes and revise them in the future, so please email me if you spot any errors, or have any comments or suggestions. There may be minor discrepancies between the complete notes and individual sections (the latter may not be quite as up-to-date).

Complete Notes Edited: 5/12/2019

Individual Sections
Part I
Chapter 1 Number FieldsEdited: 2/16/2010
Chapter 2 Primes in ExtensionsEdited: 3/7/2010
Chapter 3 Zeta and L-functionsEdited: 1/21/2015
Part II
Chapter 4 Binary Quadratic FormsEdited: 4/5/2010
Chapter 5 Non-unique FactorizationsEdited: 4/5/2010
Part III
Chapter 6 p-adic NumbersEdited: 6/21/2011
Chapter 7 Quadratic FormsEdited: 4/23/2010
Chapter 8 AdelesEdited: 5/12/2019

Homework (due at start of class on assigned date)
Homework 1Due: Wed 1/27Exercises 0.1, 1.1--1.7
Homework 2Due: Wed 2/10Exercises 1.8--1.15
Homework 3Due: Wed 2/17Exercises 1.16--1.24
Homework 4Due: Wed 2/24Exercises 2.1--2.8
Homework 5Due: Wed 3/3Exercises 2.9--2.16
Homework 6Due: Fri 3/13Exercises 3.1--3.6
Homework 7Due: Fri 3/26Exercises 3.7--3.14
Homework 8Due: Wed 3/31Exercises 4.1--4.6
Homework 9Due: Wed 4/7Exercises 4.7--4.15
Homework 10Due: Fri 4/16Exercises 5.3--5.5, 6.1--6.11
Homework 11Due: Fri 4/30Exercises 6.12--6.14, 7.1--7.6
Homework 12Due: Wed 5/12Exercises 8.1--8.9

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