Student Algebra Seminar      Fall 2015/Spring 2016

For the fall semester, the student algebra seminar meets every Thursday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm in PHSC 809.
For the spring semester, the student algebra seminar meets every Tuesday from 10:30 am to 11:30 am in PHSC 430.

For the fall semester(2015), we are going to follow the book----Algebraic Geometry by Daniel Perrin.
For the spring semester(2016),the talkers can choose the topics they want to talk or something related with their research stuff.
For more information, contact Shaoyun Yi.


Fall 2015
SpeakerDateTitle of the talk
Jieru Zhu09/10/15Basics for Algebraic Geometry
Connor Davis09/17/15Irreducible Subspaces and The Nullstellansatz
Thomas Morgan 09/24/15 An Algebra-Geometry Dictionary and Morphisms
Melody Molander10/01/15An Introduction to Morphisms
Colin VerNooy10/08/15Introduction to Projective algebraic sets
Siddhesh Wagh10/15/15Introduction to sheaves
Shaoyun Yi10/22/15Affine varieties and Algebraic varieties
Manami Roy10/29/15Algebraic varieties
Jieru Zhu11/05/15Local rings
Colin VerNooy11/12/15Sheaves of modules
Colin VerNooy11/19/15Sheaves of modules,part II
Shaoyun Yi12/03/15Projective varieties

Spring 2016
SpeakerDateTitle of the talk
Shaoyun Yi01/28/16Organizational Meeting
Shaoyun Yi02/04/16Weil Groups and Representations
Shaoyun Yi02/11/16Representations of Weil Groups
Long Tran02/23/16The Trace Formula of finite groups
Long Tran03/01/16The Trace Formula of finite groups, part II
Gordon Brown03/08/16Category O and the Arakawa-Suzuki Functor
Manami Roy03/29/16On Local Langland Correspondence for GL(n)
Manami Roy04/05/16Functoriality for GL(n)
Siddhesh Wagh04/12/16Introduction to Maass forms
Alok Shukla04/19/16Introduction to Ramanujan Graphs
Shaoyun Yi04/26/16Automorphic representations
Long Tran05/03/16Satake Isomorphisms

For abstracts, see the mathematics department announcement page and search for past events.

List of past talks
Talks from 2014-2015 organized by Jieru Zhu
Talks from 2013-2014 organized by Colin VerNooy
Talks from 2013-2014 organized by Salam Turki
Talks from 2011-2012 organized by Daniel McLaury
Talks from 2010-2011 organized by Houssein El Turkey

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