Student Algebra Seminar      Fall 2014/Spring 2015

Location: For the fall semester, the student algebra seminar meets every Wednesday from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm in PHSC 416.
For the spring semester, we meet every Friday fron 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm in PHSC 1025.

Goals: This year we aim for a wide range of topics in different areas. We achieve this by inviting speakers from different areas to give a talk. Speakers usually assume that the audience has no background knowledge associated to the talk given. We hope that in this way, all graduate students can benefit from learning different areas from each other. For more information, contact Jieru Zhu.


Spring 2014
SpeakerDateTitle of the talk
Jonathan Merlini1/30/15
Salam Turki
Anthony Martino
Thomas Morgan
Thomas Lane
Melody Molander
Manami Roy
Colin VerNooy
Shaoyun Yi
Gordon Brown
Alok Shukla
Jieru Zhu
Long Tran
*Siddhesh Wagh

Fall 2014

Speaker Date Title of the talk
Jieru Zhu 8/27/14 Hyperochtahedral Schur algebra
Long Tran 9/3/14 Induced representations: part I
Jonathan Merlini 9/10/14 The truth behind Lie algebras
Shaoyun Yi 9/17/14 Haar measure
Long Tran9/24/14Induced representations: part II
Siddhesh Wagh10/1/14Modular forms
Colin VerNooy10/8/14An invitation to varieties: part I
Colin VerNooy10/15/14An invitation to varieties: part II
Alok Shukla10/22/14An introduction to automorphic representations: part I
Alok Shukla10/29/14An introduction to automorphic representations: part II
Gordon Brown11/5/14 The Tsen rank of a field
Connor Davis11/12/14The R-S Algorithm and Representation Theory of Finite Groups
Melody Molander11/19/14Finite Reflection Groups and their Relations to Coxeter Groups
Jonathan Merlini11/26/14Root Systems and Weyl Groups

For abstracts, see the mathematics department announcement page and search for past events.

List of past talks
Talks from 2013-2014 organized by Colin VerNooy
Talks from 2012-2013 organized by Salam Turki
Talks from 2011-2012 organized by Daniel McLaury
Talks from 2010-2011 organized by Houssein El Turkey

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