Workshop on Ricci Solitons and Symmetry

  • March 16-18, 2012

Organizing Committee:
Michael Jablonski, University of Oklahoma
Jorge Lauret, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Ravi Shankar, University of Oklahoma

The purpose of the meeting is to study questions revolving around geometric evolutions and their special solutions in the context of a high amount of symmetry.

Our intent is to bring together experts in the field as well as young mathematicians.  The main talks are scheduled for Friday afternoon, March 16, through Sunday morning, March 18.  On Friday morning, there will be a precursor of short talks by graduate students and postdocs.   

We are able to cover the cost of local accommodations for invited participants.  If no other source of reimbursement is available, we hope to be able to reimburse travel costs within reasonable limits.  You may apply for travel costs on the registration form.

Please register using the registration page.  If you intend to give a lecture and have not chosen the title yet, you may submit the title later.  The registration deadline is January 25, 2012.  People who register after this date will be considered for reimbursement only in exceptional cases.

Lectures will take place in Physical Sciences Center.

There will be a conference dinner on Saturday night.  There will be no fee to attend.

Current (as of March 14, 2011) list of confirmed participants:
S. Bauer (Oklahoma), S. Bhattarai (Oklahoma), C. Boyer (New Mexico), M. Buzano (Oxford),
E. Fernández Culma (Córdoba), E. Garcia-Rio (Santiago de Compostela), C. Gordon (Dartmouth),
S. Harris (St. Louis), C. He (Lehigh), Y. Herrera (Oklahoma), M. Ishida (Sophia), M. Kerr (Wellesley),
B. Kotschwar (Arizona State), J. Kujawa (Oklahoma), J. Lauret (Córdoba), KB Lee (Oklahoma), T. Lloyd-Hepburn (St. Louis), J. Louwsma (Oklahoma), H. Nguyen (Oklahoma), K. Onda (Nagoya), M. Ozaydin (Oklahoma), P. Parker (Wichita State), T. Payne (Idaho State), P. Petersen (UCLA), N. Petrov (Oklahoma), S. Thuong (Oklahoma) C. Will (Córdoba), M. Williams (UCLA), W. Wylie (Syracuse)

Registration Problems?  If you registered but did not receive a confirmation email, or are not listed above, please email Mike Jablonski ASAP.