Student Algebra Seminar, Spring 2012

Location: Thursdays at 10:30 AM in PHSC 1025

Organizer: Daniel McLaury (


Elementary Algebraic Geometry
We will be working our way through Daniel Perrin's "Algebraic Geometry: An Introduction," and possibly "Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms" by Cox, Little, and O'Shea. Both are available online through the OU library (see below).

Practice Talks
If you are giving an algebra-related talk at a conference, or at the OU Algebra Seminar, we'd be happy to give you feedback. Contact the organizer via email (above) or in person if you'd like to give a talk.


Date Speaker Title (hover for abstract)  Notes 
4/26/2012 Catherine Hall Invariant vectors and level raising operators
in representations of the p-adic group GL(3)
4/19/2012 Daniel McLaury Tangent spaces - II and Singular Points
4/12/2012 Daniel McLaury Tangent spaces - I
4/5/2012 Salam Turki The Intersection Theorem
3/29/2012 Houssein El Turkey Dimension - II
3/15/2012 Daniel McLaury Dimension and Krull's Principal Ideal Theorem
3/8/2012 Daniel McLaury The Local Ring of a Variety at a Point
3/1/2012 Catherine Hall Algebraic varieties
2/23/2012 Salam Turki Affine varieties
2/16/2012 Houssein El Turkey Sheaves - II
2/9/2012 Houssein El Turkey Sheaves - I
2/2/2012 Daniel McLaury Vector bundles and projective embeddings
1/26/2012 Daniel McLaury Examples in Projective Space
12/9/2011 Houssein El Turkey Projective Space
12/2/2011 Daniel McLaury Dominant Morphisms
11/18/2011 Daniel McLaury Morphisms of Varieties
11/11/2011 Catherine Hall The strong Nullstellensatz
11/4/2011 Catherine Hall The weak Nullstellensatz
10/28/2011 Jieru Zhu Consequences of the Nullstellensatz
10/21/2011 Sean Bauer Irrational numbers and the KAM theorem
10/14/2011 Thomas Madsen Irreducibility
9/30/2011 Salam Turki Ideals
9/23/2011 Salam Turki The Zariski Topology
9/9/2011 Houssein El Turkey;
Kumar Balasubramanian
Presenting Schur Superalgebras;
Self-dual representations and signs

9/2/2011 Daniel McLaury Intro to Gröbner Bases

Additional Resources