University of Oklahoma   Mathematics Department

Graduate Student Seminar

The Graduate Student Seminar meets in room PHSC 1105 on Mondays at 5:30 pm. For more information about the seminar, contact Ore Adekoya.
Spring 2017 Talks
1/23 Dr. Nikola Petrov Will an angry dog bite you? An informal introduction to Catastrophe Theory
1/30 Dr.Leonard Rubin Inverse Sequences in Topology
2/06 James Broda Support Vector Machines and Fixed Points
2/13 Dr. Roi Docampo Total Positivity
2/20 Dr.Shihshu Walter Wei Amazing Calculus where Differential Geometry, Differential Equations, Differential Topology, Geometric Analysis, and Physics are Spoken
2/27 Dr. Alan Roche Representations and rationality
3/06 Dr. Tomasz Przebinda Symmetries of Platonic solids
3/27 Dr. Max Forester Scissors congruence and Hilbert's third problem
4/03 Alok Shukla Some Interesting Connections!
4/10 Dr. Kimball Martin & Carolyn Mead-Harvey Research Methods in Mathematics
4/17 Dr. Jonathan Kujawa Origami Numbers
4/24 Dr. Jing Tao A natural construction of the Real Numbers
Fall 2016 Talks
8/29 Dr. Krishnan Shankar Zero Knowledge Proofs
9/12 Dr. Ralf Schmidt What is Number Theory?
9/19Sabrina DuFran OU Career Services visit
9/26Dr. Christian RemlingBound States
10/3Dr. Alexander GrigoSome interesting facts about numbers and volume
10/10Dr. John AlbertSome basic analysis inequalities which arise in mathematical physics
10/17Dr. Milos Savic Body, Mind, and Soul of Mathematics: Three Investigations into the Creative Process of Proving
10/24Dr. Jonathan Epstein The Principle of Least Action
11/7 Joint seminar with OU Math Club
11/14 Jieru Zhu Complex Reflection Groups
11/21Benjiman Tharp Diagram Algebras in Representation theory
11/28Dr. Lee KennardVector Fields on Spheres
Spring 2016 Talks
1/25 Dr. Milos Savic Explicitly Valuing Mathematical Creativity in Proof-Based Courses
2/8 Dr. Darren Ong An Easy Introduction to Self-Adjoint Operators on Hilbert Spaces and Their Tole in Quantum Mechanics.
2/22Dr. Alexander Grigo Fundamental Aspects of Probability Theory
3/7Dr. Christian Remling Kolmogorov Complexity
3/28Dr. Jeffrey Meyer The Farey Sequence: A Tour Through Mathematics
4/4Dr. Alan RocheThe Burnside ring of a finite group
4/11Dr. Andy Miller Grid triangles and the modular group
4/18Dr. Michael jablonski
4/25Dr. Noel Brady
5/2 Sabrina DuFran Visit from Career Services!
Fall 2015 Talks
8/24Dr. Christian Remling,
Dr. John Albert
Know more about our graduate programs
8/31Dr. Andy Miller,
Christine Tinsley
What's new in the math center?
9/14 Dr. Krishnan Shankar How does Bitcoin work? An informal description of the Bitcoin protocol
9/21Srividya Balaji Connections between Indian classical music and Mathematics
9/28Dr. Ying Wang The art of numerical algorithms
10/5Dr. Keri Kornelson Frames and Applications
10/12Dr. Kimball Martin The arithmetic of quadratic and cubic forms
10/19Dr. Angela Pasquale Introduction to spherical functions
11/02Dr. Shihshu Walter Wei The Unity of Mathematics - geometric, analytic and harmonic perspectives and recent research advances
11/09Dr. Tomasz Przebinda Random walks, card shuffling and Representation Theory.
11/16Dr. Jonathan KujawaA very brief introduction to categorification
11/30Dr. Nikola PetrovJohann Bernoulli’s brachistochrone challenge and the birth of Calculus of Variations
Spring 2015 Talks
1/26 Dr. Alan Roche Counting Derangements
2/2 Dr. Paul Goodey Unexpected phenomena in high dimensions - an antidote to linear algebra
3/2 Dr. Jeffrey Meyer The Story of the Figure-Eight Knot: A journey through hyperbolic geometry, algebraic number theory, and beyond.
3/9 Dr. Rodney Keaton The Sum of Four Squares
4/13 Dr. Alexander Grigo Introduction to the work of Martin Hairer
4/20 Dr. Christian Remling The ten martini problem
4/27 Dr. Jing Tao Polygons, billiards and dynamics
Fall 2014 Talks
8/18 Dr. Ralf Schmidt Knowing more about the graduate programs
8/25 Christine Tinsley Graduate Students and the Math Center
9/8 Dr. Ameya Pitale Prime Numbers
9/22 Breea Clark Academic Integrity in the Classroom
10/6 Dr. Milos Savic Exploration of Undergraduate Students' and Mathematicians' Perspectives on Creativity
10/17 Dr. David E. Rowe Who was Jakob Steiner and what was his Roman Surface?
10/29 BP, British Multinational Oil and Gas Company Careers in Integrated Supply and Trading (Joint meeting with Math Club)
11/3 Dr. Kevin Grasse Regularity of the value function for constrained optimization problems with parameters
11/10 Dr. Tomasz Przebinda A Few Words On Cryptography, Error Correcting Codes and Wavelets
11/24 Shiyun Tang Modeling Seasonal Dynamics and Spatial Patterns of Seasonal Influenza at the Global Scale
Spring 2014 Talks
2/10 Chenxu He Sphere Theorems in Riemannian Geometry
2/17 Tomasz Przebinda Some mysteries of the unit sphere in \R^3
2/24 Milos Savic How can we (or should we) assess undergraduate students' creativity?
Fall 2013 Talks
8/26 Dr. Ralf Schmidt, Christine Tinsley, and Dr. Andy Miller Meet the new graduate director
9/2 No seminar this week! No seminar this week!
9/9 Jing Tao Deformation Space of Graphs
9/16 Murad Özaydin Counting Integer Points in Rational Polyhedra: A Theorem of Popoviciu and Beyond.
9/23 Luis Lomeli On the Riemann Hypothesis in characteristic p
9/30 Sepideh Stewart Embodied, Symbolic and Formal Thinking in Linear Algebra
10/7 K.B. Lee PSL(2,R) geometry and its quotients
10/14 Documentary The Genuius of Ramanujan
10/21 Sean Crowell Greenhouse Gas Emissions: an Inverse Problem
10/28 Lucy Lifschitz
Spring 2013 Talks
1/28 Dr. Alexander Grigo The Strange World of the Infinite
2/11 Dr. Jonathan Kujawa 2D TQFTs
2/18 Bryan Archer Giving the 3-sphere its due
3/4 Dr. Ameya Pitale Green-Tao Theorem on Primes in Artithmetic Prgression
3/11 Dr. Paul Goody Probability and Pi: lies, damn lies and geometric probability
3/25 Dr. Luther White Modeling Some Mechanical Systems: Spring Fever
4/1 Dr. Sean Paul introduction to Geometric Invarient Theory
4/8 Dr. S. Lakshmivarahan Data Mining vs. Data Assimilation
4/15 Jordan Wiebe Websites & Design
4/22 Dr. Sarah Marsh What do you want to be when you "grow up"? An exploration of a position at a (small) liberal arts university.
Fall 2012 Talks
8/27 Dr. Ralf Schmidt, Christine Tinsley Meet the new graduate director
9/10 Dr. Alan Roche Some Extremal Problems for Finite Sets
9/24 Dr. Leonard Rubin Dimension Theory in Modern Times
10/8 Houssein El Turkey Presenting Schur Superalgebras
10/22 Dr. Michael Jablonski After almost 40 years, is the Alekseevsky Conjecture about to be proven?
11/5 Panel Discussion How to be a Good Graduate Student / How to get a Job
11/19 Dr. Kim Milton (Physics Dept.) Casmir Energies of Volumes with Planer Boundries
12/3 Dr. Max Forester Topology of Flat Surfaces