University of Oklahoma   Mathematics Department

Graduate Student Seminar

The Graduate Student Seminar meets in PHSC 1105 on Mondays at 5:00-6:00. For more information about the seminar, contact Houssein El Turkey (elturkey 'at' math 'dot' ou 'dot' edu).
Fall 2011 Talks
8/22 Dr. Paul Goodey, and Dr. Alan Roche Welcome, Fall 2011
8/29 Dr. Laniel Gibson More about College Algebra/Precalc Classes
9/5 Labor Day Holiday! No talk.
9/12 Shayna Grove and Thomas Madsen Web Resources for Graduate Students
9/19 Dr. Joel R. Louwsma Stable commutator length, quasimorphisms, and immersed surfaces
9/26 Dr. John Albert The Euler Elastica
10/3 Funda Gultepe A Crash Course on Hyperbolic Geometry
10/10 Dr. Lucy Lifschitz The Burnside and Kurosh problems
10/18 A representative from CIA Career and Internship Opportunities
10/24 Lynn Greenleaf Mathematical Modeling and Analysis for Atmospheric Vortices
10/31 Salam Turki A Basic Introduction to Elliptic Curves
11/7 Alyssa Leone Introduction to Cluster Algebras
11/14 Dr. Nguyen Hoang A review on some image restoration problems
11/21 Hong Qu The Differentiable Structure on M/G
11/28 Sean Crowell Research at the Mathematics and Climate Research Network (MCRN)
12/5 Houssein El Turkey Generalities on Superalgebras
Spring 2012 Talks
01/23 Dr. Ralf Schmidt Baby Automorphic Forms
01/30 Shayna Grove Quaternions and Factorization
02/6 Cherith Tucker Quaternions and the Geometry of the 3-Sphere
02/13 Houssein El Turkey Connection between projective representations and the second cohomology group
02/22 Adrienne Jablonski The secrets to great recommendations
02/27 Tetyana Malysheva Abstract Formulation and Well-Posedness of Boundary Value Problems
03/06 John Paul Cook Students Reinvention of Concepts in Introductory Ring Theory: Results from a RUME Dissertation Project
03/13 Sean Bauer Finding Stability in being Irrational
03/26 Injo Hur What is a spectrum?
04/02 Dr. Nikola Petrov Applied Math versus Pure Math: Some thoughts of a physicist > working at a Math department while attending an Ecology conference
04/09 Thomas Madsen A brief intro to Latex
04/16 Dr. Walter Wei GEOMETRY where the unity of mathematics starts- An invitation to differential forms and p-Hodge Theory
04/23 Catherine Hall Invariant vectors and level raising operators in the p-adic group GL(2)
04/30 Salam Turki The Weil-Deligne Group and its Representations